When you live in an apartment you are surrounded by neighbors. Me and my family have been fortunate enough to have wonderful neighbors. They are more like family members than ordinary neighbors, whom you greet politely when you meet. We spend a lot of time with our neighbors, we are having coffee, eat food together or just talk about this and that. I think we have come so close to each other because we are helping each other. Lending a helping hand where it has been needed. Or just checked in on each other to hear if they are okay. It is not that much needed to please another person, a smile and some kind words can be enough. Imagine if we all would care more about each other’s well-being. Rather than to let us be disturbed on how noisy they are or how they look and more. So look around yourself, who knows you might have a new best friend in your vicinity. Just give it a chance.


I love reading books. I mostly read hardback books. Since the audiobook came I have tried to listen to the audiobooks but I have a tendency to fall asleep. I have tried to listen to audio books when I work at home but then I lose the content of what is told. I have discovered that the best way for me to be able to listen to an audiobook is in the car, unfortunately, I do not travel so long so I find it hard to find the right chapter when I get back in the car.

Right now I’m listening to an audiobook by Stuart Lichtman that makes me grab hold of old demons from my childhood. He makes me look at what has made a big impact from my childhood, which today have made me act like I was trapped when I had to make difficult choices.

I can highly recommend this book; How To Get Money For Anything: Fast! by Stuart Lichtman and Joe Vital. Disregard the title, the book is more about how you can help yourself. I know that when I’m reading/ listening I get an aha feeling.