Eva Soderlund


I am the youngest child of 4 in my family. All my siblings are 13-18 years older than me. When it was time for me to start school, all my siblings had already moved away from home.

My parents got divorced when I was 8 years old. I lived alone with my mother who did everything to make me feel loved and cared for. My mom always has, and always will be my best friend.

I currently have no contact with my father or my siblings, but I have good contact with some of my sister’s children who are almost as old as me. We are like the sisters that I and my real sisters should be.


At school, I struggled with my dyslexia which at that time nobody knew what it was. There was no help available as it does today because it was an unknown condition. But I learned my own system to be able to keep track of the written words. It ended with the fact that I went out of school with slightly higher grades then the medium.

I have always loved children, and as one who grew up without small siblings, I was always willing to help my friends with their little siblings. This meant that when it was time to choose a vocational choice for high school, I chose the nursery education.

Beginning to work

Unfortunately, it was really hard to find permanent employment, so I worked in a temporary pool. Here you jump around to different workplaces where there was missing staff. I was very much liked by both children and staff and therefore they often called to request that I should come to them. It is a wonderful feeling to know that people appreciate one for the work you do.

Bad working environment

Unfortunately, it did not work in the long run to work like this. It was about waiting by the phone, all day, for a job call. At that time there were no mobile phones, so one had to stay at home, to not miss a call. It became unbearable.

During the next years, I jumped between different jobs. I also went back to school to get more education to be more desirable for job recruiters. In my whole life, I have been working in tough jobs who has been hard on the body. And most of the jobs had bad terms of employment, I did not feel safe or appreciated.

Finally, I found employment with a company

It was a company that built up a new business that would give the whole of Sweden fine meat for ICA’s stores. Of course, I applied here and got a job as an operator. I was sent to a similar factory in Holland for education, that I could learn the machines. For the last 16 years, I’ve been working for the same company.

Family life

Today I live in a condominium together with my husband and our son who now is 19 years old. Time just flies away. I still see my son as the little boy who ran around here at home. It doesn’t matter how old he is, he will always be mommy´s little boy.

The biggest time of my spare time goes to take care of the home and to help my mother who turns 86 this year. I am also learning about digital marketing. I try to squeeze in some quality time with the family and friends, depending on time and energy.


My interests consist of socializing with family and friends, traveling, watching film and series, food, nature, hunting, rifle shooting, clothes, makeup, fix and tricks, books, animals and more.

In the future

I believe that many jobs will be replaced by robots and computers. This is good and bad. What is positive is that many heavy jobs that today wear out the human body and give work injuries will be handled by robots. The disadvantage is that there will be less work available for humans. In my job, we already have some robots and there has been talking about the possibility of investing in more robots. In a couple of years maybe I am unemployed again. Who knows how the future looks? That’s why I’ve started to focus on other choices. Not only because everything goes to robotization but because I have worked with heavy lifting all my life and it starts to feel in the body. I’m not a youth anymore.

My wishes

In the future, I want to be my own boss who decides my own working hours. I don´t want to be locked into one place but be able to work wherever I want in the world. I want to feel satisfied and fulfilled with where I am in life.

Hi, my name is Eva Soderlund I live in the city of Vasteras in Sweden. I live in a condominium with my husband and our son.

I am currently working in a meat factory that produces fine-cut meat for supermarkets all around Sweden. I have now been working here for almost 16 years. It is physically heavy with many heavy lifting at a high pace.

I have always been a working bee who liked heavy tasks. Unfortunately, this becomes hard on the body.